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Housekeeping training

Our housekeping training is tailored to suit your own requirements, schedule and style. We bring a lot of experience in training high-end game lodges, 

B&B Management Course

Dreaming of starting and running your very own B&B or you are already in the game? Let us help give you all the tools you need to manage a...

Front of House Training

In the notoriously competitive restaurant market, it is essential to get your front of house staff well trained to offer unparalleded service...

Front Office Training


Front Office Training important as the Front Office department is the engine of any hospitality establishment.  We offer on-site front office training...

On-site Training


On-site training will save you money. You cut on travel and accommodation expenses for your staff. We travel to your establishment and deliver training...

Butler Training


We are the #1 Butler Training provider in South Africa. Our Butler training is suitable for Game Lodges, Hotels, Resorts, Luxury Villas, Private Homes and...

Hospitality training is our game. Since 2011, we have been providing top notch on-site hospitality training to game lodges, resorts, hotels,  boutique hotels, luxury villas, guest houses, restaurants and even private residence.


Our on-site hospitality training is unique, affordable and very effective. We have helped many hospitality establishments improve customer satisfation, efficiency, employee performance and increase revenue.  


We offer our on site training in all provinces of South Africa and we are able to travel to countrises outside South Africa. Talk to us and let us bring your result oriented training to your hospitality establishment.


We Are The #1 On-site Training Provider For Game Lodges, Hotels, Resorts, Luxury Villas, Guest Houses And Restaurants. We Have Trained And Continue To Train Top Establishments In South Africa And To Other Countries. 



On-site Hospitality Training

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