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4-Day On-Site Hospitality Training for Hotels, Resorts, and Lodges: Comprehensive Refresher in South Africa

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Are you looking to refresh your hospitality team's skills and keep up with the ever-evolving demands of the industry? Our 4-day on-site training program is tailored specifically for hospitality businesses like hotels, resorts, and lodges that want to provide the highest quality service. Covering Housekeeping, Restaurant Servers, Front Office, and Customer Service Excellence, this program is designed to polish your staff's skills across all key departments. And the best part? We bring this training right to your doorstep, offering our courses in every province of South Africa.

Day 1: Housekeeping Training

Course Objectives:

  • Reinforce core housekeeping skills and protocols.
  • Update staff on new cleaning techniques or procedures.
  • Emphasize the importance of safety and customer service.
  • Review common issues and discuss practical solutions.

Course Modules:

Module 1: Core Cleaning Skills Refresher

  • Review of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for cleaning:
  • Bathroom cleaning.
  • Room setup and presentation.
  • Handling cleaning equipment and chemicals.
  • Practical demonstrations followed by hands-on practice.

Module 2: Advanced Techniques & New Procedures

  • Introduction to new or updated cleaning products and equipment.
  • Advanced cleaning techniques for challenging areas (e.g., grout cleaning, stain removal).
  • How to identify and handle specific situations (e.g., mold, bedbugs).

Module 3: Safety Protocols

  • Importance of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Emergency procedures (e.g., chemical spills, fire safety).
  • Injury prevention tips (e.g., lifting techniques).

Module 4: Customer Service Excellence

  • Strategies for courteous and effective communication with guests.
  • Handling complaints or special requests.
  • Enhancing the guest experience through small touches.

Module 5: Problem-Solving Workshop

  • Group discussion of common challenges.
  • Role-play scenarios to practice solutions.
  • Open forum for Q&A and sharing best practices.


Day 2: Restaurant Servers Training


  • Reinforce excellent customer service principles.
  • Enhance knowledge of menu items, including allergen information.
  • Review effective upselling techniques.
  • Refresh health and safety protocols.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Customer Service Excellence

  • Core Principles: Review fundamentals like greeting guests, attentive listening, and prompt response.
  • Handling Difficult Situations: Role-play exercises for managing complaints and guest dissatisfaction.
  • Guest Interaction Skills: Practice upselling, promoting specials, and ensuring satisfaction.

Module 2: Menu Knowledge and Dietary Needs

  • Menu Breakdown: Deep dive into menu items, including ingredients and preparation methods.
  • Allergens and Special Diets: Identify common allergens, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan dishes.
  • Interactive Quiz: Match dishes to dietary categories.

Module 3: Upselling Techniques

  • Principles of Upselling: Understand the value of upselling without being pushy.
  • Practical Application: Practice upselling appetizers, drinks, and desserts.
  • Interactive Role-Play: Engage in a simulated scenario to practice.

Module 4: Health and Safety Protocols

  • Food Safety Practices: Review guidelines for food handling, sanitation, and cross-contamination prevention.
  • Emergency Procedures: Refresh knowledge on fire safety, accident response, and reporting procedures.
  • Interactive Case Study: Analyze scenarios to identify health and safety violations.

Module 5: Teamwork and Communication

  • Effective Communication: Discuss ways to effectively communicate with kitchen staff and other servers.
  • Team Collaboration: Brainstorm strategies to support each other during peak hours.
  • Group Exercise: Simulate teamwork challenges and resolve them collaboratively.


 Day 3: Front Office Training


  • Provides a refresher for front office staff on check-in/out procedures, guest relations, and communication.
  • Reinforces the importance of first impressions and addressing guest concerns.


  • Optimize check-in/out processes for efficiency.
  • Strengthen guest relationship skills for improved satisfaction.
  • Ensure prompt and professional handling of guest requests.

Specific Outcomes:

  • Faster, more accurate check-in/check-out process.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills for guest concerns.
  • Better coordination between front office and other departments.


  • Check-In/Out Process: Streamlining guest arrivals and departures.
  • Reservation Management: Handling bookings, cancellations, and modifications.
  • Problem Resolution: Addressing guest concerns and special requests.
  • Cross-Department Communication: Coordinating with housekeeping, F&B, and maintenance.

Day 4: Customer Service Excellence Training (All Guest Contact Departments)


  • Brings together all guest contact departments to focus on delivering exceptional service.
  • Emphasizes empathy, teamwork, and personalized guest experiences.


  • Foster a culture of service excellence across departments.
  • Strengthen teamwork to deliver a seamless guest experience.
  • Improve communication for consistency in guest interactions.

Specific Outcomes:

  • Unified approach to guest service, ensuring consistency.
  • Increased collaboration among departments to solve guest issues.
  • Higher guest satisfaction through personalized and empathetic service.


  • Service Excellence Standards: Company guidelines and exceeding expectations.
  • Guest Experience Personalization: Identifying and responding to guest preferences.
  • Team Building Exercises: Strengthening inter-departmental relationships.
  • Effective Communication: Active listening and clear communication for resolving guest concerns.

Our 4-day on-site training course is a golden opportunity for hospitality businesses in South Africa and abroad to elevate their service standards and enhance their competitiveness in the industry. Each day is carefully structured to tackle specific areas critical to hospitality operations, ensuring a holistic uplift in skills and guest satisfaction. Equip your team with the expertise to excel in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, fostering an atmosphere that not only meets but exceeds guest expectations.

Ready to transform your hospitality service with our expert training? Reach out to us and book your session today! Email training@hospitalitycourses.co.za or call +27-82-765-9238 today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can the training be customized to specific hotel needs?
A: Yes, we offer customizable modules to better suit the specific requirements of your hotel or resort.

Q: Is there a certification upon completion?
A: Yes, participants will receive a certification of completion which is a great addition to their professional credentials.

Q: How often should we consider refresher courses?
A: We recommend scheduling refresher courses annually to keep up with the latest trends and maintain high standards.

Q: Where do you conduct the training?
A: We conduct the training on-site in all areas. This includes Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sandton, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Mbombela, Polokwane. We also travel to other countries including Eswatini, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Mauritius, Seychelles, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco and many more.


Feel free to contact us with more questions or reach out directly if you need specific details tailored to your establishment's needs!