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Hotel Butler Duties & Responsibilities | SOP


Most 5 star hotels and resorts offer butler service as a optional extra to guests who are willing to pay for someone to do the planning for them while they enjoy their holiday. The main duties and responsibilities of the hotel butler is to offer personalized service to high-end guests. In most cases, butler service is offered to guests staying in the most luxurious suites, 


In short, the butler takes care of the guest's planning. This includes dinner bookings, lunch service, spa bookings, excursions, packing guest's clothing, romantic turndowns, etc. The butler must anticipate the guest's needs. Duties and responsibilities vary from one hotel to the other. 


Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a hotel butler:


Guest Pre-arrival Preparation

  • The butler's guest pre-arrival preparation training includes the following: 

  • Ensure that guests' preferences are provided upon arrival to the resort, including choice of beverages, etc. 

  • Offering pre-arrival butler forms for guests to fill out, ensuring that the butler is prepared for any special requests such as dietary restrictions, babysitting needs, or special occasions.

  • Arranging airport transfers for the guests. 

  • Preparing registration forms for guests.

  • Preparing welcome cocktail and reftreshing towels for guests.


Guest Arrival Procedure

  • The butler's guest arrival procedure training includes the following:

  • Meeting, greeting, and offering the guests cool or warm welcome towels.

  • Providing welcome drinks or cocktails for the guests.

  • Offering private check-in for guests.

  • Ensuring that the guest's accommodation is ready.

  • Introducing guests to their accommodation facilities, including in-room beverages, how TV, air conditioner works, and all other important information that will make the guest’s stay comfortable. 

  • Unpacking the guest’s luggage as necessary.

  • Pressing the guests' first night clothing.

  • Enquiring about the guest's dinner times and preferences.


Evening Service

  • Our Hotel butler's evening service training includes the following:

  • Bringing the guests’ amenities before dinner.

  • Escorting guests to the restaurant for dinner where they have reserved a beautifully decorated table. 

  • Ensuring that the guests' suite is turned down and has all the amenities of the night. Hotel rooms turn-down includes removing cushions from the bed, folding the duvet, closing curtains, laying gowns/ bathrobes and slippers on either side of the bed, switching on the aircon to the desired temperature, laying the breakfast menu and chocolates on top of each pillow, putting still water on each side of the bed, switching off main lights and switching on bedside lamps, etc.


Butler's are always a phone call away. Most hotels provide mobile phones and the guest can just call his butler whenever they need them. It is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling jobs. Butler handle high-end guests including celebrities, wealthy families, politicians, etc. The job requires you to have special eye for detail and be good with working with people.  


Are you working as a butler? Where are you based? Did you find this article helpful? Please leave a comment below. 


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Samkeliso Nkwanyane

Hospitality Coach, Speaker & Consultant