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How to Increase Your Hotel Profit Through Staff Training



Running a hotel is one of the most delicate things to do. Every hotel operator knows how important the profit margins are so important in surviving this fiercely competitive industry. Here is why staff training can help increase your profit. 


  1. Product knowledge

  2. Personalized service

  3. Upselling skills

  4. Persuasive skills

  5. Complaint handling


Product Knowledge

Every hotel is different and that has to show. As a hotel operator, it is very important that your team, from top to bottom, understands what makes you different and let it show. Product knowledge is a very important skill, especially for your guest contact staff, including reservations, front office and food & beverage service staff. Training your staff on understanding your products' features allows them to present their benefits accurately and persuasively. Hotel guests respond to enthusiastic sales staff who are passionate about their products and eager to share the benefits with them. Our front office training focusses a lot on product knowledge as we believe that this is very important to selling your hotel services


If you are running specials, ensure that all your staff are aware and are able to sell it to your guests. This will increase your revenue exponentially, hence increasing profits. 


Personalised Service

Your guests chose your hotel because of its unique offering. The key to every hotel's success is its ability to remain unique and cultivating repeat business. Your staff should be trained on ensuring that your service offering is unique. When guests find you unique, they will write good reviews about you, in turn encouraging other poeple to visit and experience your peronalized service. 


Upselling Skills

Hospitality establishments increase profits substantially when staff is eble to upsell. Whether it be selling a more expensive room, or selling an add-on that will complement the meal, staff will be able to increase your revenue by applying this skill. If it means you provide an insentive associated to upselling, do it. You will be amazed how much more you will make. Our customer service excellence training is designed to help your team upsell your products. 


Persuasive Skills

Persuasion is an important sales skill and must be acquired by your staff to be able to turn problems into solutions. Your hotel employees must be able to speak confidently, stay positive, and carry out conversations that lead to conversions.


Complaint Handling

As a hotel or restaurant owner or manager, your prime duty is to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are able to resolve complaints, you have high chances of running a successful business. If complaints are unresolved, customers are quick to rush to the internet and you know what that means - you will lose business. We have laid out steps of handling complaints in hotels and restaurants to help you and your team deal with guests' complaints effectively. 


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