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Things to Consider Before Setting up your Own B&B | Point of View Kaya FM Interview with Samkeliso Nkwanyane


kaya fm interview with samkeliso nkwanyane



Bed and breakfast (B&B) establishments are one of the most rewarding ways to become a business owner within the tourism industry.


If getting into a new exciting chapter through entrepreneurship is your goal this year considering a B&B should be an option to be on top of your list.


The beauty of a B&B lies in owning your own little place that you can transform into the perfect accommodation option for guests and a fun way to make a living.


Hospitality Coach, Samkeliso Nkwanyane joins us on the line to help you with all you need to know about getting into the sector.


Nkwanyane spoke about how important it is to have the right mindset and characteristics before joining this thriving business.

“The most important characteristic you need to possess is being a people’s person and having a love for working with people, that is what makes a great B&B owner or a B&B host.” says Nkwanyane


Location, location, location

There are many interesting places people flock to in certain seasons, whether for business or pleasure.

Nkwanyane makes a point that you have to do a proper assessment of who your clients are going to be, and whether or not you are at a convenient place for them to enjoy their stay.


“It’s very important for anyone to start even before opening a B&B to ask who is going to be booking the establishment, the most important thing to consider is your location. The location needs to be ideal for people to come and stay there.” says Nkwanyane


Know your business model


There are important aspects of the business to consider before venturing into this business, one, in particular, is your business model.


“Are you willing to build your B&B from scratch or are you looking to buy an already existing B&B?, Or do you want to convert your building which is a residential property to a B&B?”


“If you already have the residential property, I would say, to convert it into a B&B would seem like a much cheaper option for you than going to buy an existing B&B, it would also depend from case to case,” says Nkwanyane


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