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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I need training for my hotel staff. How long are the programs?

A. Depending on your hotel size, our programs can be as short as 3 days even 10 days or more.


Q. We are a new establishment. Can you come to train your staff before we open?

A. Yes we do offer pre-opening training to hotels, lodges, resorts and other hospitality establishments.


Q. I want my staff to be trained but I can't take them to your venue. 

A. We have got you covered. We offer our onsite training, meaning that we come to your establishment wherever you are. 



Q. Does Sam Hospitality train butlers?

A. Yes, we do butler training for hotels, resorts, game lodges, villas and even private homes.



Q. Is a bed and breakfast a good investment?

A. Every business should be a good investment. It all depends on many factors, especially how you run it. If you are efficient in all aspect of running your B&B and your occupancy is above 60%, you should make money. Our B&B Management Course will give you all the skills you need to get a good ROI from your business.



Q. I just bought a B&B. What should I do?

A. Running a B&B is not as easy as it may look. You need the professional help to be able to make it a profitable business. Enrol for our guest house management course and get all the tools you need to run it efficiently. Whether you bought an existing B&B  or you want to convert an existing house into a B&B, there's a lot of processes that you need to follow. We will help you get through all the processes you ned in order for you to open and run your B&B legally. 



Q. We are opening a new establishment. Can we get our staff trained for preopening?

A. Yes, at Sam Hospitality, we do offer pre-opening training to resorts, hotels, lodges, guest houses and restaurants.



Q. Do you train waiters on upselling and service excellence?

A. The skill to upsell is one of the most important attributes that restaurant servers must possesse. We do train your staff on upselling and service excellence. Check our waiter training for more information on what our training covers.


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frequently asked questions (FAQ)