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Restaurant Front of House (FOH) Training

Improve Customer Experience and Profits. Suitable for Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Game Lodges, Guest Houses and other Hospitality Businesses • 7 Star Service

Front of House (FOH) Training

In the notoriously competitive restaurant market, with a wide selection of restaurants all competing for sensitive customers, it is essential to maintain and grow your customer base by providing 7-star service to your customers. Being renowned for your ability for consistently good service and wonderful food is key to your ongoing success.


A survey reveals that 68% of customers choose to leave and go to your competitor due to bad ATTITUDE from your employees.


For this very reason, we at Sam Hospitality have developed a 7 Star Service Essentials Training Program specifically developed for the restaurant market, no matter how large or small your operation.


Our training will assist your team to understand all aspects of Front of House service excellence, designed to ensure client optimum satisfaction.


Our training experts guarantee to take your staff’s front-of-house service skills to the next level, ensuring invaluable repeat and referral business for your restaurant.


What is Front of House?

First, it is important to discuss what front-of-house is in the restaurant industry. The front-of-house (FOH) is where, as a guest, you directly experience a restaurant or bar. Every dining room, waiting area, table, seat, stool, booth, bar, and any other public part of a restaurant is the FOH.


Which Companies Provide Front of House (FOH) Training On-site? 

Sam Hospitality Training Academy is the number 1 on-site training provider. Front of House training is offered for game lodges, hotels, resorts, guest houses, and restaurants. 


Front of House Course Content

Our Front of House Course covers a broad spectrum of disciplines – therefore training programs are bespoke to our client's specific requirements and ethos. Training can be 2- 5 days, depending on what is covered and your size.


Front of House Unit Standards/ Modules available (but not limited to):

  • 7 Star Customer Service

  • Improving the Customer Experience

  • Preparation – Mise en place

  • Personal presentation and polished language skills

  • Attitude and behavior

  • Inter-departmental communication

  • Anticipation skills

  • Polished movements and demeanor

  • Table planning, setting, and seating. 

  • Napkin folding skills

  • Meet and greet – The first impressions

  • Handling and resolving customer complaints

  • Correct service protocol

  • Correct seating skills

  • Silver service skills – only for restaurants that offer this service

  • Buffet service – for restaurants that offer this service

  • Eye for detail

  • Drink presentation and service

  • Menu Knowledge and translation

  • Beverage Knowledge – including spirits and cocktails

  • Wine Knowledge – Red, White, Rose, Blanc de noir, Champagne, Methode Cap Classique

  • Upselling skills - add-ons, sauces, drinks, etc

  • Dealing with difficult clients

  • Ensuring guests are relaxed and comfortable at all times

  • Dining and social etiquette

  • Bill presentation


What is 7 Star Service in Front of House?

The secret to attracting and retaining your restaurant customers is by consistently providing 7-star service. You must ensure unparalleled customer service by instilling the 7-star culture to your Front of House team. 


Here are the components of 7 Stars of Service:

  • Exceptional attention to detail

  • Excellent skills in anticipating guests’ needs

  • Attentive interaction to fulfill guests’ special requests

  • Achieve a seamless and distinctive level of service

  • Unparalleled service, transcending the expectation of guests

  • Indulging guests with thoughtful and unexpected touches of luxury

  • Creating a memorable experience through personalized service


The Front of House Training Course Outcome

The restaurant industry is a highly competitive business. Front-of-house employees have very different training needs than their back-of-house counterparts. Think of your restaurant as a plane, you wouldn’t deliver the same training to a flight attendant as you would to a pilot. In other words, BOH and FOH employees have very different job functions but work together to give customers a smooth experience.


The front-of-house (FOH) staff in any restaurant should be made up of friendly employees ready to take orders, address customer complaints and provide high-quality customer service. But every restaurant manager knows that a fine-tuned FOH service isn’t made overnight. Servers, hosts, bussers, bartenders, bar-backs and the like must be trained on how to communicate among themselves, with the back of house (BOH) colleagues, and especially with customers.


Our Front of House training is designed by a team of experts, to help front of house staff understand the importance of the customer, and ensure that each customer is well looked after and leaves with a positive review.


Our Front of House training program will leave your team motivated and confident. The topics we cover will equip the team with both the soft skills needed to succeed in keeping your customers happy as well hard skills needed to perform in their job and increase customer satisfaction, revenue, and profits substantially.



Who should attend the Front of House Training?

The Front of House (FOH) is suitable for all restaurant and bar customer contact staff. This includes the hostess, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, banqueting staff, restaurant supervisors, and managers.


Would you like us to train your Front of House staff?

Sam Hospitality has been in the hospitality industry for more than 10 years now. We have trained high-end hotels, game lodges, restaurants, guest houses, luxury villas, and other hospitality establishments. Whether you are a small restaurant or a large fine dining restaurant, we are ready to give your front-of-house staff the best training.


We are committed to building the profile and performance with our clients. Our main services are Training and Consultancy in the Hospitality industry. Our success has been a direct result of unwavering commitment to high service standards and fierce loyalty towards clients. We position ourselves as strategic partners with our clients and always act in the interest of our clients, looking for ways to go the extra mile to bring more benefits to them than were contracted for.


Our identification of our client's objectives helps us to do the walking for them but in their shoes, not ours. We believe in having ownership over every project as if we had a direct personal stake in it.


If you have 8 or more staff, we will come to your establishment and provide the training on-site/in-house.  Contact us now for a reasonable quote by filling in the form below.


What is the Pricing for the Front of House Training? 

Pricing depends on the number of people to be trained, as well as your location. Please fill in the contact form below, we will send you a quote