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Hospitality Consulting - Hotel Consultants


Reach your true accommodation revenue potential with our cost-effective, friendly service. We utilise our passion, innovation, creativity and unrivalled commitment to our customers.


Is your business underperforming and troubled? Do you need to groom your processes and financials to improve efficiency? Our team of hospitality professionals can devise definitive strategies for small to medium hospitality businesses that can deliver service excellence and noticeable financial results. 


Why do hospitality businesses need a consultant?


The competition in the hospitality field is becoming more and fiercer. Being renowned for your ability for consistently excellent service while managing your overheads is key to your ongoing success. Not only formal hospitality businesses compete with each other, but also the emerging vacation rentals like Airbnb. Hospitality consultants are top-grade advisors, assisting hotels with projects managing change, optimizing operations, and generally improving the profitability and overall health of the property, both independent and hotel groups. 


Current performance trends and industry reports indicate that a large proportion of hospitality businesses are underperforming due to the lack of an effective marketing & sales strategy, poor management, inefficient structure, lack of proper service concept offerings, and out-of-margin costs overheads.


Amidst cut-throat competition in the hospitality industry, hospitality businesses are constantly under pressure to provide high levels of service, maintain optimum occupancy rates and cost margins. It is at this stage that most hospitality businesses fail devastatingly.

On the verge of distress, only we understand how important it is for your hospitality business to turn around and gain a strong foothold in the industry.


Sam Hospitality Consulting & Training has a proven track record in providing bespoke solutions and outstanding outcomes based on definitive strategies. Over the years, we have successfully helped a large number of hospitality businesses to recover from the edge and gain complete control of their businesses.


How can we Help You?


Let us help you realize your brand’s potential, increase profitability, and maximize your strengths. Leveraging our hospitality tourism & business turnaround management DNA and a strategic approach, we focus on repositioning your business, mitigating losses, and increasing your ROI amongst the competitive landscape. Our hospitality business turnaround specialists leverage the unique selling proposition (USP) of your hospitality business to improve financial performance and operational efficiency at all levels.


Our dedicated turnaround strategy for hospitality businesses is based on a comprehensive SWOT analysis. This includes analyzing areas like:

  • Profit-making and cost-reduction strategies
  • Market competition and positioning
  • Revenue-earning opportunities
  • Strengths and weaknesses of operational management
  • Financial controls, cash management, and viability
  • Technology used throughout the hospitality business
  • CRM practices, guest feedback, and reviews
  • Distribution channels used to sell the hospitality business
  • Sales & marketing strategies
  • Guest experience evaluations


Based on our analysis, we take a holistic approach to your tourism & hospitality business operations. Our hotel consulting services include:

  • Structure planning and business recovery
  • Financial turnaround
  • Operational productivity improvement
  • Revenue and yield management
  • Devising an optimum marketing & sales strategy
  • Change management
  • Dynamic distribution
  • Service redesign
  • Product and profit improvement planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Service excellence


Turning around an underperforming hospitality business is challenging, but also entirely possible. Our team of hospitality consultants analyze the business from all perspectives during this transition phase and helps take corrective measures if any shortfalls are discovered, thereby paving the way for a prosperous and long-term strategy.


What Makes us Different?


At Sam Hospitality, our consulting services are specifically tailored to the needs of your hospitality business, where our goals are exactly aligned with the owner/ manager. This means we have a common target in terms of standards, revenue, and most importantly, in terms of costs.


We do not impose any fixed cage, inflexible brand standards, inappropriate operation procedures, or costly investment requirements.


We work shoulder to shoulder with management to maximize the value of the investment or asset by applying, flexible tailored services, flexible remuneration structures, adaptable working approaches, and adaptable operation standards.


Initial Site Visit (Mystery Shopper)


First, we send out our expert for an agreed duration (under the mystery shopper program), to get the first-hand experience from a guest’s perspective. This helps us identify loopholes that may be hindering your business's success.

After the ‘mystery guest visit’, we then give you a comprehensive report highlighting all areas of concern.


Functionality and Facilities Review

The “Health Check” Stage


We will review and comment on the following aspects:

  • Overall guest experience
  • Room interior functionality
  • Front office functionality
  • BOH functionality
  • Outsourced services
  • F&B functionality
  • Inspection report with full indication of weakness
  • Suggestions to remedy detected blind spots


Branding and Service Concept


  • Positioning and branding identity (operation standpoint)
  • Guest experience
  • Competitor offering analysis
  • Pricing
  • Room category offering and up sale options
  • Extra services (car transportation, butlers, etc)


Operation Supervision

Periodic supervision on the implementation of the operational upgrade based on the owner’s instructions.

A bi-monthly review and monthly inspection of the property over 12 months is suggested.


How Long Does It Take?

Our consulting services vary from one establishment to the other, depending on size, style, and other factors. It can be as short as 3 months and as long as 12-24 months or even more for some establishments. Contact us now to discuss your requirements by filling in the form below.



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