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Service Guest Bedroom Areas

housekeeping training service guest bedroom areas

Training Delivered On-site in All Areas

Course Overview

This is a 1-day training delivered to your housekeeping team on-site at your establishment. This course is designed to equip housekeeping staff working in hotels, resorts, lodges, universities, hospitals, and other hospitality establishments to service guest bedroom areas, understanding the importance of hygiene, cleanliness, and organizational standards to maintain guest comfort and satisfaction.


Specific Outcomes

On completion, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify the different types of cleaning materials and equipment.
  • State the procedures for checking environmental controls (Range: heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting) and explain how these impact customer satisfaction and the image of the organization.
  • State the procedures for cleaning guest bedrooms and explain the importance of following these procedures.
  • Prepare surfaces for cleaning, and describe the correct procedure for preparing surfaces for cleaning. (Range of surfaces: wood, glass/mirrors, plastic, wall and floor coverings, metal, painted surfaces, fabrics, ceramics)
  • Use the correct cleaning equipment and materials.
  • Check that finished surfaces are free from dust, dirt, debris, and removable marks.
  • Replenish and place complimentary items correctly and explain the importance of doing this. (Range of complimentary items: stationery, snacks, coffee/tea-making supplies)
  • Clean the cleaning equipment and materials where appropriate, and store them correctly after use.
  • Check and maintain environmental control systems. (Range: heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting)
  • Ensure serviced areas are free from unpleasant odors.
  • Arrange furniture and equipment according to organizational requirements.
  • Interact with customers politely and helpfully.
  • Describe decisions made and reasons for actions taken in response to an unexpected situation. (Range of unexpected situations: missing or damaged property, extra guests in the room).
  • Carry out all work as per work schedule in an organized and efficient manner.


Target Group

This course is suitable for

  • Room attendants
  • Linen attendants
  • Laundry attendants
  • Floor supervisors
  • Assistant housekeepers
  • Executive housekeepers


This short course is designed for new and existing hotels, lodges, resorts, guest houses, hospitals, universities, and other hospitality businesses.


Duration for this course is 1 day for existing staff, however, we need more time for new staff that does not have the experience. The minimum number required for on-site training is 8 staff. Contact us now for a quote. 


Course Outline

Room attendants play an important role in the organization because of their visibility, their guest contact, and their responsibility for clean, hygienic, and comfortable rooms. All of these convey a critical message to guests. Room attendants are responsible for the hygiene, safety, maintenance, and appearance of your areas. The housekeeping team plays a greater role than any other department in ensuring that the rooms meet and exceed guest expectations.


Here are the topics covered in this course:

  • Preparing to service guest rooms
  • Cleaning materials
  • Entering the guest bedroom
  • Preparing areas and surfaces for cleaning
  • Cleaning guest departure (check-out) bedroom
  • Cleaning stayover rooms
  • Cleaning unoccupied rooms
  • Turndown service
  • Cleaning guest bathrooms
  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Replenishing guest supplies/ complimentary items
  • Checking and maintaining environmental controls
  • Cleaning and storing equipment and materials
  • Missing and damaged property


If you have 8 or more staff, we will come to your establishment and provide the training on-site/in-house.  Contact us now for a reasonable quote by filling in the form below.