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Hotel Front Office VIP Checlk-in SOP

vip guest check in procedure in hotels

To deliver and establish a unique service to ensure smooth and efficient check-in to all VIP’s guests, giving them the impression that we truly appreciate their valued time and business but also to ensure that all associates have a clear understanding of the real policy and process for Top VIP’s room check-in.


What is the VIP Room Check-in Procedure?

  • During a VIP check-in, the front office manager or guest service executive must be present either at the front desk or in-room check-in.


  • VIP is to be identified according to their VIP code. e.g. • VIP 1, VIP2, VIP3, VIP4, VIP5, VIP6 to ensure that the VIP status is correctly assigned by Guest Service Executive or FOM taking into consideration all preferences, comments, and previous knowledge the hotel has about them so the hotel can value their loyalty to the brand.


  • Room assignment must be made 72 Hours by Guest Service Executive or Front Office Manager before the guest arrival and guest references must be updated in the Property Management System (PMS) accordingly.


  • Before arrival, the guest service agent and executive housekeeper must inspect the room, room keys/cards must be tested and issued 1 day longer if a late check out has been granted in advance.


  • VIP amenities according to guest preference will be placed in the room and the room will be in DNM (Do Not Move) option.


  • On check-in time, the Front Office Manager or Guest Service Executive must welcome the guest, after that they must escort the guest to the room/ suite to personalize the service.


  • If the guest is a return visitor, genuinely welcome the guest back to the hotel and offer to remind him/her about opening times of the restaurant, and breakfast times; or introduce hotel features that have changed since their last visit; if nothing has changed there's no need to introduce hotel features.


  • If the guest is a first-time guest, welcome him/her graciously and thank them for choosing your hotel. “Mr. Smith, thank you for choosing to stay at Sam Hotels”


  • The Guest Service Executive/ Front Office Manager / General Manager must escort the guest up to the room will a full introduction of the room and hotel facilities.  In the elevator: Where (which floor) to go to access Hotel facilities, escort to the guest room where a welcome drink will be served. The Guest Service Agent / Waitress will be waiting at the door with the welcome drink and a refreshing towel.


  • Guest Service Agent must invite the guest to be seated to complete the registration process. They must ask the guest for a passport/ ID and inform him/ her that it will be returned to him shortly after scanning or photocopying. Confirm with the guest the room type, room rate, number of people staying in the room, and confirm departure date and time. In the meantime, the bellman must arrive with luggage.


  • If the guest’s reservation includes a package of services or benefits, the GSA must mention this briefly to the guest. A confirmation of the guest preferences and verification of email address must also be carried out. The GSA may also ask for a business card.


  • The GSA must confirm the method of payment and use the wireless credit card machine to secure payment if applicable or collect cash. The Guest Service Agent must take the ID/ passport for scanning and send it back to the guest through the bellman. While scanning the passport, the GSA must check in the guest in the PMS system.


  • The GSA/ Guest Service Executive / Front Office / General Manager will thank the guest for staying at the hotel and genuinely hand over her/his business card to the guest for any further assistance.


  • During the stay a ‘guardian angel’ must be assigned by the Front Office Manager / General Manager to look after the VIP guest.


  • One day before departure courtesy call must be given by Guest Service Agent, Front Office Manager/General Manager to ask if the guest needs any assistance with his luggage, wake-up call, or preparation of the bill, etc., and what will be the appropriate time.


If the guest requests to check-out inside the room, the below process will be followed.

  • Check-out process should not be different than the check-in process. The Guest Service Agent / Guest Service Executive / Front Office Manager must call the guest to ask politely if the guest is ready for check-out. The GSE or Front Office Manager must be in the guest room to process the check-out.


  • Inside the room, the Guest Service Executive / Front Office Manager must fully explain the final settlement and ask if the guest had any other late consumption from Mini Bar or in Room Service then proceed with the check-out.


  • The Guest Service Executive / Front Office Manager / General Manager must thank the guest for staying with the hotel and the final invoice must then be sent to the guest's email address after the final settlement takes place.


  • After check-out, a special thank you email must be sent by Guest Service Agent / Guest Service Executive / Front Office Manager/ GM for guest staying and attach a link for trip advisor reviews.



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