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Why You Should List Your Guest House on Airbnb


why you should list your guest house on airbnb


With the ever-changing trends, accommodation owners are often left wondering on what really works for their businesses. One of the questions in 2023 is, “Should I list my establishment on Airbnb?”. Well, the answer to this one is straightforward. Yes! Whether you are running a small B&B, Guest House, Lodge, Boutique Hotel or Apartment Hotel, yes, you should list your establishment on Airbnb.


Our hospitality expert who has spent more than 20 years in the hospitality industry, Samkeliso (Sam) Nkwanyane, explains why it is important to list your establishment on Airbnb (and the other online travel agents).


“Currently, there are more that 4 million Airbnb Hosts worldwide and over 6 million listings. Airbnb has more than 150 million users that have booked over 1 billion stays”, says Mr. Nkwanyane. “In the USA, the average Airbnb rental is booked 21 nights per month. That’s about 75% bookings for the month that most wouldn’t achieve with direct bookings. In May 2019, 2 million bookings were made on Airbnb per day!”, he continues.


So, what is the big deal about Airbnb? “There is a couple of reasons why I advise operators to partner with online travel agents: 1. By listing your establishment on Airbnb (and the other OTAs like Booking.com, you increase your brand awareness to a wide existing customer base worldwide, 2. You have the ability to leverage their huge marketing budgets, 3. They offer a simplified booking process which is a win/win for both the customer and the establishment owner, 4. Airbnb offers its own insurance in case of damage to property or theft. In fact, in some areas, insurance providers only accept establishments that are listed on Airbnb, 5. The risk is low in the sense that Airbnb handles the payment so as a business owner, you have risk of being scammed and defrauded”, says Sam.


why you should you your guest house on airbnb


“Of course, there are pros and cons for every model, but I personally find that the advantages of having your property listed on Airbnb far outweighs the disadvantages”


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