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 Bar Service Training | Bartender Course | On-site Program

Our Bartender Training is Delivered On-site/ In-house in all Provinces


Do you want to improve the bar service in your establishment? Then you are at the right place. We deliver our bartender training on-site/ in-house in all provinces. Whether you are a hotel, lodge, restaurant, lounge or bar, we will help you improve efficiency and increase revenue in your bar. 


What our bartender training entails:

  • Introduction to bartending

  • The job description of a bartender

  • Bar mise-en-place

  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic, beverages (in their categories)

  • Spirits, Wine, Beers, Cocktails

  • Providing 5 Star service to bar customers

  • Mixology


Course Structure


Introduction to bartending

  • The personality of a bartender

  • Grooming and personal presentation

  • The job description of a bartender

  • Introduction to bars


Bar Mise-en-place

  • Preparing for service

  • Bar preparation checklist

  • Checking equipment

  • Restocking the bar

  • Rotating stock (FIFO)

  • Bar stock take

  • Preparing garnishes

  • Glassware


Beverage product knowledge

  • Spirits

  • Aperitives

  • Digestives

  • Sherry

  • Port

  • Liqueurs

  • Beers

  • Ciders and Alcopops / Ready-to-drink (RTDs) 

  • Mixers

  • Minerals (Sodas)

  • Juices

  • Cordials

  • Syrups & Bitters

  • Energy drinks

  • Wines - Red, White, Rose, Sparkling/ Champagne


Bar Service

  • Customer relations

  • Service times

  • Informing customers accurately about available drinks

  • Promoting drinks at appropriate times

  • Stocks and accompaniments for drinks service

  • Dispensing drinks correctly with accompaniments

  • Establishing a broad understanding of the hospitality and bar service

  • Become familiar with a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  • Developing and understanding of how to provide 5 Star bar service

  • Developing an ability to mix a range of drinks



  • Preparing garnishes

  • Attending to customers without delay

  • Providing customers with accurate information on cocktails

  • Promoting cocktails to customers

  • Identifying customer requirements

  • Preparing and serving cocktails

  • Blending, shaking and straining, building, spirit-based cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, measures

  • Using the correct equipment and accompaniments to serve cocktails

  • Different glasses used in a bar

  • Shooters


Wine knowledge & service

  • Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Sparkling Wine/ Champagne

  • Wine Service

  • Wine and food pairing

  • Serving wine in the bar


5-star bar service

  • Adapting to 5-star service standards



How long is the bartender training?

Our bartender training takes 2 days. We may need more days for new staff. We offer training on-site when you have 8 or more staff to be trained. 


How to book? 

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