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Provide Customer Service Training

provide customer service

Training Delivered On-site in All Areas

Course Overview

This is a 1-day training delivered to your staff on-site at your establishment. This course is suitable for all guest contact staff. Stuiable for all tourism & hospitality businesses.


Specific Outcomes

On completion, the learner will be able to:


  • Explain the concept of the customer as a source of revenue for the business, and therefore the source of salaries.
  • Explain the impact on the organization and on oneself of losing regular customer business.
  • Describe possible ways that customers could react to poor service.
  • Describe methods to satisfy irate customers and deal correctly with customers’ complaints.
  • Describe information that may not be given to the customer, and explain the reasons for confidentiality.
  • Explain why complaints and customer feedback are good for the organization.
  • Explain why it is important to anticipate customer’s needs.
  • Greet customers in a polite and friendly manner that is suited to the situation and organization.
  • Deal with customers directly or refer them to the appropriate person. (If referred, give a clear and concise explanation of the problem to the person dealing with the issue and reasons for the referral).
  • Refer customer complaints that occur outside the individual’s authority/work area to the appropriate person, and explain why.
  • Deal with customer complaints and irate customers in line with organizational requirements and decide what follow up action to take.
  • Promote establishment services in a manner that suits the situation.


Target Groups

This course is suitable for:

  • All guest contact staff


This short course is designed for new and existing staff working in the tourism and hospitality industry.


Duration for this course is 1 day for existing staff, however, we need more time for new staff that do not have the experience. Minimum number required for on-site training is 8 staff. Contact us now for a quote. 


Course Objectives

This course is designed to help all guest contact staff understand the importance of th4e customer as a source of revenue. 


Here are the topics covered in this course:

  • The customer as a source of revenue
  • The impact of the customer to the organization
  • Customer satisfaction and company profitability
  • Annoying habits
  • Anticipating guests' needs
  • Maintaining good customer service
  • Confidentiality of guest and company information
  • Personal presentation
  • Personal development
  • Greeting of guests
  • Promoting facilities and services
  • Guests reaction to poor service
  • Guidelines for superior guest care
  • Effective communication
  • Advantages of customer complaints
  • Methods of dealing with customer related issues
  • Range of customer complaints
  • Common guest complains
  • Methods of satisfying irate customers
  • Guest complaints procedure
  • Written complaints
  • Documenting complaints
  • Complaint follow-up action
  • Do's and dont's of customer complaints
  • Complaints practices
  • Dealing directly with guests
  • Referring guests
  • Complaints occuring outside work area of authority


If you have 8 or more staff, we will come to your establishment and provide the training on-site / in-house.  Contact us now for a reasonable quote by filling in the form below.