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Co-ordinate the Greeting and Assisting of Guests on Arrival and Departure

co-ordinate the greeting and assisting of guests on arrival and departure

Training Delivered On-site in All Areas

Course Overview

This is a 1-day training delivered to your front office team on-site at your establishment. This course is designed to equip new and existing front office managers with the skills to efficiently co-ordinate the greeting and assisting of guests on arrival and departure. 


Specific Outcomes

On completion, the learner will be able to:


  • Explain the importance of taking action when there are communication or language difficulties.
  • Explain the importance of meeting requests for additional services in terms of how this impacts customer satisfaction.
  • Describe how to assist guests with special needs.
  • Describe how to organize the department to prepare for the arrival of big groups.
  • Explain why the arrival of guests is such an important part of the guest’s stay and the importance of being well prepared.
  • Distribute portering tasks according to priority to ensure that luggage and other items are transported to guests’ rooms safely and promptly.
  • Distribute work to ensure that individual guests and groups are assisted with parking where appropriate on arrival.
  • Carry out a group check-in following the correct procedure.
  • Explain and offer additional guest services and give assistance per company procedures. (Range of additional services: valet/car wash, chauffeur)
  • Assist guests with luggage on departure.
  • Identify the correct bus for the group and load their luggage safely and efficiently.
  • Given a range of unexpected situations, decide what action to take to deal with the situation and give reasons for that choice. (Range of unexpected situations: accidents/injury, lack of portering staff, late tour bus)
  • Prioritise all work correctly to maximize customer satisfaction.


Target Groups

This course is suitable for:

  • Front Office Managers
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Hotel and Lodge Managers


This short course is designed for new and existing hotels and resorts.


Duration for this course is 1 day for existing staff, however, we need more time for new staff that does not have the experience. The minimum number required for on-site training is 8 staff. Contact us now for a quote. 


Course Objectives

This course is designed for managers in the tourism and hospitality sector to improve efficiency. 


Here are the topics covered in this course:

  • Daily planning
  • Task allocations
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Efficient work practice
  • Roles in the department
  • Greeting and assisting individual arrivals
  • Maintaining standards
  • Greeting and assisting group arrivals
  • Assisting with individual departures
  • Co-ordinating group departures
  • Communication difficulties
  • Special needs
  • Requests for additional services
  • The chauffeur service
  • Valet parking service
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Insufficient portering staff
  • Late tour bus


If you have 8 or more staff, we will come to your establishment and provide the training on-site/in-house.  Contact us now for a reasonable quote by filling in the form below.