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  On-site Training for Game Lodges | Private Game Reserve Short Courses

More Than a Decade of Experience in Training SA's Finest Lodges!

On-site Training

Over the years, we have provided top-notch on-site training to game lodges in private game reserves throughout South Africa and neighboring countries. Our game lodge training programs are easy to understand, practical, and guaranteed to take your game lodge staff to the next level. Let us provide training to your game lodge staff while you focus on the bigger things.

Pre-opening Lodge Training

Are you opening your lodge shortly? Whether is it a game lodge in a private game reserve or a lodge in town, we will help you with customized lodge staff training throughout the lodge pre-opening phase. Our services include the development of tailored standard operating procedures (SOPs), training for your lodge staff, development of policies, and many more other services.

Housekeeping Training


Housekeeping in a game lodge is very different from that of a hotel. We understand the game lodge market and we train housekeeping staff to meet and exceed the highest standards of service.


Our game lodge housekeeping training includes guest engagement, the art of towel origami folding, honeymoon arrangement, attention to detail, professional presentation , and many more topics. 


Talk to us and let us train your housekeeping on-site. 

Butler training


Game lodges are now moving away from the traditional waiter/ bartender setup and introducing butlers. Butlers in a game lodge assume the role of a waiter, bartender, and more personalized service to the guests, like setting up for romantic bush dinners, exclusive game drivers, etc.


Whether you want to start offering the personalized butler service in your game lodge or you already have one in place, we are the best trainers. Talk to us and we will provide the training on-site.

Refresher Courses


Our game lodge staff refresher courses are very unique. First, we assess your lodge-specific requirements and then we work to develop tailored training programs to suit your specific needs, not the one-size-fits-all kind of approach. Our clients are happy with our service. Let us train your lodge staff to deliver beyond 5-star service.

More Than a Decade of Experience in Training Finest Lodges in SA and Abroad

We believe that there is a strong need for on-going game lodge training to keep up with the ever-growing demand and high expectations. For more than a devade, we have been training top lodges in South Africa and other countries. 


Some safari (game) lodges believe that staff needs just a once-off training then they will manage, which quite honestly doesn't yield the intended. We believe that training every 6 months will keep staff well informed and motivated to produce more than 5-star service.


Ongoing training and staff support will ensure that high standards are kept. Whether you are a luxury lodge or an exclusive game lodge inside a private game reserve, we will deliver impeccable training to your staff, on-site. Yes, we come to your establishment, in all the provinces of South Africa. 


Here is a list of our game lodge training offerings:


Our game lodge training is fully tailored to suit your unique service standards and culture. We offer onsite training to luxury lodges, private game reserves, and 4 - 5 star game lodges throughout South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Many of the lodges that we have trained say that our training is unique and very effective. Do not take our word for it though; try us. 


5 Star Game Lodge Training | We Bring Training To Your Lodge

The duration of our game lodge training programs can be a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on the tasks you have given us and the number of departments to be trained.


We work with you to decide the length of the training program that will suit your lodge. We offer the best training to 4 and 5 Star Lodges in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, and other countries. Most of our 4 stars and 5-star game lodge training is done on-site/ in-house. Yes, we come to you, so don't worry about travel and accommodation expenses for your staff. 


Our lodge training programs are easy to understand. We thrive to deliver training that makes your team stand out from the rest. Our understanding of the kind of guests you serve and our experience will help us deliver the desired training.


We ensure high-performance game lodge teams that deliver a unique, mind-blowing service to your guests. We undoubtedly offer the best 5-star onsite game lodge training in Africa. 


Lodges Trained by us Deliver Highest Service Standards and Achieve Excellent Guest Reviews

Our training is unique. Lodge staff trained by us deliver the highest service standards. Top-class guest service is our language and it is what we impart to your team.


We have vast experience having had trained top game lodges, exclusive private game reserves, and luxury lodges, both 4 stars and 5 stars throughout South Africa and the neighboring countries. Lodges trained by us deliver the highest service standards and achieve excellent guest reviews from sites like Tripadvisor, Booking, com, and many more.


Identifying your Game Lodge Training Needs

First and foremost, we need to understand your business and how it operates. We discuss with each company management to identify a program that will best achieve each company’s objectives.


We understand that each game lodge is unique and aims to offer a unique experience to its guests. We thrive to provide you with the training you need, and not what we think you need.


We Have Trained the Finest Lodges for Over a Decade!

Over the years, we have trained the finest 4 and 5-star game lodges in exclusive game reserves in many parts of South Africa and neighboring countries. We are committed to building the profile and performance with our clients. We strive to become the best game lodge training providers in South Africa.


Our success has been a direct result of unwavering commitment to high service standards and fierce loyalty towards clients. We position ourselves as strategic partners with our clients and always act in the interest of our clients, looking for ways to go the extra mile to bring more benefits to them than were contracted for. 


Private game reserves trained by us achieve excellent guest reviews. We believe that each guest that enters your game lodge must check out feeling sad, not because they were treated badly, but because they we given mind-blowing service. our trainers and facilitators come with many years of experience in the hospitality field. We have worked with plenty of top 4 stars and 5-star game lodges in South Africa. Our game lodge training is what we call a blended approach. We mix different training approaches, from classroom style, practical training with, we promise the best training to your team. Our facilitators and assessors have more than  80 years' experience  in the hospitality field and work towards building on what you already offering - only making it better!