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Generic Management and  Leadership Course .Become a GREAT Manager and Leader! Build high performance teams!

Management & Leadership Course 


Are you in a Management position and wish to sharpen your management and leadership skills? This short course is for you. Enroll now and learn the skills to build high-performance teams! Many years of experience have been rolled into this course to help you become a phenomenal manager and leader.


You will learn the following:

  • Introduction to Management & Leadership skills

  • Practicing Effective Leadership

  • Practicing Effective Management

  • Communication skills

  • The managerial grid: Blake and Mouton
  • Creating and maintaining diverse teams

  • Managing Change, Communication, and Action Plans

  • Dealing with underperforming employees

  • Running effective meetings

  • Managing performance

  • Decision making and delegation skills

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Build high-performance teams

  • Kotter's change model


Course Structure


Introduction to Management  & Leadership

  • Differentiating between management and Leadership
  • Factors of Leadership
  • Leadership challenges at the workplace
  • Management challenges at the workplace


Practicing Effective Leadership

  • Recognizing leadership styles
  • Effective delegation and situational leadership
  • The managerial grid: Blake and Mouton
  • Four development levels of followers
  • The four situational leadership styles
  • Influencing and motivating your team
  • The art of persuasion and negotiation
  • The speed of trust - The Heart of Leadership


Practicing Effective Management

  • The essentials of Management
  • Planning
  • Basic overview of the typical phases in planning
  • Guidelines to ensuring successful planning and implementation
  • Organising - The process of organizing
  • Organisational theories
  • Controlling -  Tools of controlling
  • The top 10 qualities of an excellent manager
  • Interviewing and selection skills
  • How to prepare for a meeting
  • Running effective meetings
  • Some tips on running weekly team meetings
  • Arrangements before the meeting
  • Logistics - planning and organizing your meeting or training activity
  • How to arrange a meeting room
  • Standard items on an agenda
  • Conducting meetings
  • Communication and meetings
  • How to run effective meetings
  • Secrets of successful business meetings
  • How to deal with disruptive people in meetings
  • Making effective and impactful presentations


Study our Generic Management Leadership Course online. Become a GREAT Manager and Leader! Build high-performance teams!

Gain managerial skills to lead and manage high-performance teams in any industry


Performance Management 

  • Managing performance

  • Examples of organizational performance standards

  • Appraisal skills - dealing with poor performance

  • Creating a performance improvement plan

  • Giving effective feedback

  • Stretching your team to develop

  • Feelings, Values, Needs

  • Decision making and delegation skills


Creating High-Performance Teams

  • Teamwork in action
  • Team learning and performance
  • Making the most of team learning
  • Team evolution stages
  • Managing remote teams
  • Coaching and mentoring skills for managers
  • Eight pillars of coaching and mentoring
  • Limitations of mentoring
  • Coaching vs Mentoring
  • Benefits of coaching
  • Limitations of coaching
  • Coaching and mentoring connection process
  • Managing challenging behaviors
  • Managing pressure - Urgency vs Important
  • Strategies for different quadrants on the matrix


Managing Change, Communication, and Action Plans

  • Understanding change and how teams respond

  • The content and process dimensions of change

  • Understanding why do organizations resist change

  • Overcoming resistance

  • Developmental change

  • Transitional change

  • Transformational change

  • The role of change in the organization

  • Drivers of change

  • Elements of change

  • Effective communication

  • Full and active executive support

  • Employee involvement

  • Kotter's change model

  • Effective communication skills

  • Improving internal communication

  • Getting things done: Practical action plan


Who should enroll in this course?

This course is designed for individuals who are new in management, those who are moving to a general management position, or those who are already in management positions. 


Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Combine management and leadership skills and use them effectively to manage teams
  • Improve your appreciation of how to build effective teams that deliver results
  • Make sound and firm decisions
  • Manage teams effectively and lead 
  • Plan, organize, and control effectively
  • Communicate effectively and confidently
  • Coach and mentor