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Butler Training | Distance Learning Course

5 Star International Butler Course


Do you have a bubbly personality? Do you enjoy entertaining people and can handle working under pressure? Enroll now for our Butler Distance Learning Course and unlock a world of endless job opportunities in top Resorts, Hotels, Lodges, Yachts, and Private Residence around the globe. Being a butler is a great way to live in big, vibrant cities, travel the world, and adventure while you are earning. The opportunities are endless! Taking our International Butler Course will help you achieve that. 


Modules for Our Butler Course

Here are modules contained in our butler course:


Service Excellence

  • Importance of the Guest

  • The guest as a source of revenue

  • The impact of the guest on the Organisation

  • Guest satisfaction and company profitability

  • Annoying Habits

  • Anticipating guest needs

  • Maintaining good customer care

  • Confidentiality of company and guest information

  • Personal presentation

  • Personal development


Customer Service

  • Greeting of guests

  • Promoting facilities and services

  • Guest Expectations

  • Guest reaction to poor customer service

  • Guidelines for superior guest care

  • Guest care in other fields and industry

  • Improving guest care

  • Effective communication

  • Range of guests


Dealing With Customer Complaints

  • Advantages of Complaints/Customer feedback

  • Methods of dealing with guest-related issues

  • Range of guest complaints

  • Common guest complaints

  • Methods to satisfy irate guests

  • Guest complaints procedure

  • Written complaints

  • Documenting complaints

  • Complaint follow up action

  • Do’s and don’ts of guest complaints

  • Complaints practices

  • Requirements for superior guest care


Grooming and Personal Presentation

  • Dress Code and Personal Hygiene of a Butler

  • Maintaining Personal Cleanliness and Hygiene

  • Hygiene Standards

  • Professional Appearance

  • Uniforms

  • Jewelry

  • Hair, Moustaches, Beards and Nails

  • Dress

  • Illness

  • Organisational Policy

  • Common Illnesses and Interaction



Dealing With Telephone Calls

  • Communicating on the Telephone

  • Introduction

  • The switchboard versus a private phone

  • Your voice

  • Body Language

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • Telephone Etiquette

  • Answering Calls

  • Transferring Calls

  • Taking Messages

  • Call Holding

  • Making External Calls

  • Making Internal Calls

  • Cellular Phones

  • Completing Calls

  • Assisting Customers

  • Finding Telephone Numbers

  • Responding to Requests for Information


5 Star Butler Service

  • Offering 5-star butler service

  • Organisational Layout

  • Facilities and Services

  • Introducing the guests to their rooms/ villas/ chalets

  • Showing your guests around and what is available

  • Sharing important details with your guests

  • Offering refreshments to your guests

  • Getting details about your guest's interests

  • Product knowledge and Customer Service

  • Product knowledge

  • Professional conduct

  • Customer service

  • Selling services

  • Booking your guests excursions

  • Booking your guests dinner, lunch, and breakfast

  • Selling wines

  • Valet service


Dealing With The Arrival of Guests

  • Preparation for Guest Arrival

  • Customer needs

  • Preparation of guest documentation

  • Special Requests / Requirements

  • Interdepartmental communication

  • Check-In Processes

  • Registration

  • Customer arrival

  • Promoting product services

  • Customers without reservations

  • Special circumstances

  • Importance of accuracy

  • Methods of payment

  • Completion of the registration process


Superior Guest Care

  • Superior Guest Care

  • Effective guest care

  • Efficient work practices   

  • Customer Information

  • Accurate information

  • General knowledge

  • Customer needs

  • Sources of information

  • Maintaining information displays

  • Handling information requests

  • Range of Information

  • External Services

  • Contacting service providers

  • Booking external services

  • Transport services

  • Restaurant reservations

  • Delivering items


Guest Relations and Housekeeping

  • Customer relations

  • Developing rapport with guests

  • Complaints and Queries

  • Guest relations and guest requests

  • Housekeeping duties

  • VIP guest service

  • VIP satisfaction

  • Guest confidentiality

  • Working in VIP and guest areas

  • Record keeping


Hotel Facilities and Services

  • Hotel facilities offered

  • Housekeeping & Turn-down facilities

  • Origami training - folding towels to decorative shapes

  • Courtesy bar/lounge

  • Room service

  • Breakfast & Dinner

  • Local Services        

  • News Issues

  • Demonstrating facilities

  • Laundry services

  • Pressing services

  • Polishing shoes

  • Guest repairs

  • Organizing the services



VIP Guests & Executive Areas

  • Dealing with VIP Guests

  • Packing procedures

  • Interrelationship of cost, time and stock Levels

  • Bar set-up

  • Food service

  • Serving cold beverages

  • Serving drinks off a tray

  • Presenting and opening a bottle of wine

  • Tasting and Pouring Wine

  • Opening a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine

  • Maintaining stock levels

  • Tidiness and cleanliness of guest areas

  • Tidying up the guest bedroom

  • Towel origami and replace used towels

  • Cleaning the bathroom and shower

  • Replacing bathroom amenities

  • VIP turn-down service


Study our butler course and unlock a world of endless job opportunities in top resorts, hotels, lodges, yachts, and private residences around the globe! We train butlers from all over the globe.