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Hotel Training & Consulting

With Our Facilitators & Assessors Bringing Over 60 Years Combined Experience in the Hospitality Industry, a Successful Journey is Almost Always Guaranteed with Us!

Consulting Services

We work shoulder to shoulder with the owner/ manager to maximize the value of the investment or asset by applying flexible tailored services, flexible remuneration structures, adaptable working approaches. We do not work according to what we think you need; we give you what you need.

Pre-opening Training

Are you opening a hotel soon? Talk to us now and let us help you throughout the pre-opening stage. Our hotel pre-opening service includes staff training and the development of tailored SOPs.

Hotel Training

Let's face it. Nothing gets worse than seeing a bad review about your hotel because your guests were not treated well. This can be minimized through our hotel training and development programs. Our hotel training programs will leave your staff inspired and equipped with the skills to deliver impeccable service to your guests.

Why Us?


Our success has been a direct result of unwavering commitment to the highest standards and fierce loyalty to your clients. We position ourselves as strategic partners and always act in the best interest of our clients, looking for ways to go the extra mile to bring more benefits to them than we are contracted for. Our hotel training is best delivered on-site in all provinces and countries.

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Hotels that do not train staff are often the ones that get the worst hotel reviews. Staff training is paramount in delivering and maintaining high service standards. Let your hotel team be trained by our experienced facilitators. 


Talk to us and let us arrange training for your hotel staff, onsite, on-the-job training, or virtually. 

Over a Decade Experience in Training the Finest Hotels

We believe that there is a strong need for ongoing training for your hotel staff to keep up with the ever-growing demand. Most hotels believe that staff needs just a once-ff training then they will manage, which quite honestly doesn't yield the intended. We believe that training every 6 months will keep staff well informed and motivated to produce more than 5-star service standards. Ongoing training and staff support will ensure that high standards are kept.


We walk the journey with you and work hand-in-hand to identify current training needs and deliver the same. As a hotel, you need to set a budget for staff training and development, not only because there's high staff turnover in the hospitality field, but because research has shown that hospitality establishments that invest in staff training have high staff retention. We have trained the finest hotels for over a decade!


We offer the following training to hotels:


Leading On-site Training For Hotels

Our short hotel training programs can be just a week and up to 3 weeks, depending on the tasks you have given us and the number of departments to be trained. We work with you to decide the length of the training program that will suit your hotel. Whether you are looking for a pre-opening training or refresher for your staff, or you just employed new staff that you would like to be trained to meet your standards, we are happy to hear from you. We provide the best onsite training to hotels.


We provide on-site training in any of the following places: South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Türkiye and many more other countries. We regard ourselves as one of the top hotel & hospitality academies in Africa. 


Our Hotel Training Programs Will Boost Your Staff Morale, Confidence, and Service Delivery

We are confident that our training is of superior quality and we commit that we will not just train your staff, but also monitor the effect of our training. Our hotel training ensures your employees remain proud ambassadors of your brand. Let's face it. The worst hotel reviews lead to low occupancy. Let us train your hotel staff to be proud ambassadors of your brand and deliver top-class service. Our hotel staff training boosts staff morale, confidence, and service delivery.


Tailored Short Hotels Training Programs

We understand that each hotel is unique. We work with you in identifying your hotel training programs needs then we deliver training solutions that will be suitable to you and your brand; not what we think you need. We also work according to your time schedules. We understand that each hotel offers a unique experience to its guests, hence we make sure that our short courses are tailored to your specific needs. 


What Makes Us A Top Hotel On-site Training Provider

We are committed to building the profile and performance with our clients. Our main services are on-site training and consultancy in the hotel industry. Our success has been a direct result of unwavering commitment to high service standards and fierce loyalty towards clients. We position ourselves as strategic partners with our clients and always act in the interest of our clients, looking for ways to go the extra mile to bring more benefits to them than were contracted for.


Our hotel training experience has allowed us to offer training that will bring the best out of your team. Our trainers come with many years of experience in the hospitality field. Whether it is classroom training or on-the-job training, we will deliver the best results. Our experience, having had trained top hospitality establishments, has made us one of the top hotel training providers in Africa. Try us and let us make your hotel staff stand out from the rest.