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Hospitality Management Training • Short Courses Designed by Industry Experts 

Unique training programs designed for hospitality managers


Manging a hospitality establishment is becoming increasingly challenging. Hospitality managers are often forced to juggle several tasks at any given time from making sure that the books are balanced to ensuring that everything is running smoothly. The competition is becoming more and more fierce, more so with the introduction of Airbnb and other platforms a couple of years ago. 


So if you’re going to be a leader in the workforce, you can count on one thing: You have to constantly learn. That's why we have designed these short hospitality management courses to will give you the edge. 


Choose from any of these hospitality management courses that we have on offer:


The Guest House Management Course? 

Our guest house management course is designed for both prospective and current guesthouse owners or managers. This course is packed with practical skills to help you manage a highly successful guest house, B&B, boutique hotel, or small lodge. This course is the favorite for individuals who are either planning to open and run their own small accommodation establishments or those who are already in the game. 



The diversity of the tourism and hospitality industry is very wide and ranges from one area to the other. Some of the responsibilities include the following:

  • Managing resorts, hotels, and lodges

  • Providing catering services

  • Opening and running a guest house.

  • Managing front office for a resort, hotels, or lodge

  • Managing reservations for a hotel.

  • Assisting guests at a health resort or spa.

  • Preparing and serving food at a restaurant.

  • Working in cruiseliners

  • Game lodge management


Front Office Management Course

This Front Office Management Course is designed for individuals who are already in the hospitality industry. It is suitable for current Front Office Managers, Assistant Front Office Managers, as well as hospitality individuals who want to gain entry into the hotel front office department. 


This course will make you a phenomenal Front Office Manager. You will learn all the skills to manage and develop high-performance front office teams, improve efficiency and grow occupancy. 


Sales & Marketing Course

Ok, let's face it. The hospitality industry is all about sales. Putting bums on the beds! Your worst nightmare as a hospitality manager is walking down the hallway of your establishment and realizing that rooms are empty! Whether it is peak season or off-season, we will teach you practical strategies to maximize occupancy and revenue. You are running a business and that means, put bums on the beds!


This course will give you up-to-date sales & marketing trends that will help you boost sales and increase revenue. 


Management Course

This course is designed to equip you with the skills to effectively manage and lead your team. You will learn how to delegate and support your team, plan and implement effectively, manage performance, communication and actions plans, and many more.


Which Qualities are Important in the Hospitality Industry?

Here are the qualities that will help you succeed in the hospitality industry:

  • High level of customer service

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Formal training 

  • High level of cultural awareness

  • The ability to multitask

  • Working well in a team 

  • Being flexible


1. High Level of Customer Service

A career in hospitality means working in a customer-facing environment. To succeed in this industry, it is up to you to ensure that your guests are constantly entertained and having a good time, without a care in the world. Good customer service ensures that your customer's needs are always met, putting their happiness at the forefront. If your service isn’t up to scratch, negative feedback can spread quickly. So remember, in hospitality, the customer is always right!


2. Excellent Communication Skills

Working in hospitality can be both physically and mentally demanding. It requires a lot of communication between customers, staff, and management, and without it, the whole ship can sink. Because it is such a fast-paced environment, everything needs to be running to schedule at all moments of the timeline. To ensure this, effective oral and written communication must be executed at all facets of the operations. To succeed in this industry, your ability to effectively communicate will be relied on time and time again.


3. Formal Training

Because the hospitality industry relies a lot on government regulations and laws, having the correct formal training and qualifications is essential when attempting to progress within it. Strict regulations govern each venue, so their employees must reflect this high standard. 

As well as these, completing a short course with us can help to elevate your skills within this industry. It can also help you to break into the career you have always dreamed of, giving you hands-on knowledge, skills, and experience in all areas of food and beverage service, reception, reservations, housekeeping, butler service, and management. We have made training with us easy. You can now get most of our courses online and study in the comfort of your own space. Now you can take any of our hospitality courses from anywhere in the world!


4. High Levels of Cultural Awareness

If you plan on progressing in hospitality, you are going to encounter a lot of different people from a lot of different places. To succeed, you must be sensitive and understanding to different cultures, religions, races, nationalities – and everything in between. Having an open mind can help you to embrace the people around you and help your customers feel more comfortable and at ease. This will in turn help to elevate their customer satisfaction and make them more likely to spread the word about what an amazing hospitality worker you are.


5. The Ability to Multitask

Almost every job you have in hospitality will require some degree of multitasking. Within a typical day, you may handle hundreds of customers at a time, juggling several tasks while still trying to remain personable and organized. You will wear many hats, handling multiple responsibilities simultaneously. Your skills must be up to scratch, keeping time management at the forefront of your mind. Your employer will want to know that you can handle the fast-paced nature of the industry, while still retaining a high level of satisfaction amongst your customers.


6. Working Well in a Team

Like many jobs, having a career in hospitality will often mean working within a team. To succeed in this industry, not only must you be able to function in a team, but you should also prosper and remain productive in a group environment. Employers value those that speak up and make significant contributions to discussions, as well as those that work to contribute to the organization’s overall success. You should be able to take instructions from others to completely satisfy the customer. Your other team members should feel supported by you, as you work together to achieve one common goal.


7. Being Flexible

Those employed in hospitality jobs often work longer and more unconventional hours than your traditional desk job. The 8-5 routine is ditched for a more flexible working arrangement. You must be constantly ready to work if unexpected situations arise, being able to adapt wherever you are required. Being a versatile worker will make you invaluable to employers, as they will see that you can easily transition into a variety of roles. Some game lodges in South Africa have introduced the 4 weeks on 1 week off cycle. This means you work for a straight 4 weeks then get a 1 week off. Some hotels use the 'Lala-vuka' shift, meaning that when you close today, you open the following day. 


Other skills you will need include the following:

  • Resilience 

  • Initiative

  • Attention to detail

  • Adaptability - the can-do-attitude